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Meet Kimme Myles


Ontario, Canada

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How Kimme wins when Rolla is part of her marketing.


Average Days on Market


Winning listing percentage with Rolla


Money saved on Rolla vs. video agencies

"I resisted video for many years because paying production companies was too expensive and time-consuming. Rolla is powerful because it’s given me the confidence to be self-sufficient as a video content creator. I control the process and the timeline. I’m amazed I can create all of this with my phone. With Rolla, my clients see and feel the value of working with me. I can confidently add video to the marketing strategy of every listing, no matter the price point.”

Why Kimme Chose Rolla


More affordable than hiring a production company.


More control over her marketing.

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The ability to have a video for every listing, no matter the price point.


Ready to start creating quality videos?

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