Frequently asked questions

What is Rolla?

Rolla helps real estate agents take their career to the next level by turning them into content creators. Rolla teaches you the methods of filming a stunning property video, giving you the freedom to be a fully self sufficient agent. After you film your listing, we take care of the video editing, color grading, music overlays, and titles.

Why do I need video for my listings?

In the competitive real estate world, you can no longer afford to not have video. Real estate listings that contain video get 400% more engagement than listings that just have photos. We make it easy and affordable to create video for all your listings so that you will never miss out on that engagement again.

What do I get when I join Rolla?

When you join Rolla, you receive training from producers and directors with years of experience creating real estate, travel, and hospitality content all over the world. We will teach you to film your properties the same way we film our projects. After you shoot your properties and our editors put your footage together, your final content will look like videos we usually charge thousands of dollars to create.

Why do I need to be approved to use Rolla?

Our top priority is helping you make high quality video content. The approval process for Rolla is simply us making sure you understand how to operate your camera properly and reviewing the steps to get perfect shots. You will watch our tutorial videos and create one test shoot. We will go over your footage and make sure you’re ready to get out there and start filming. That’s it!

How long does it take to shoot a listing?

After going through our tutorial, it takes Rolla users around 45 minutes to an hour to capture footage of a listing.

I usually hire a freelance crew to shoot listings. Why should I use Rolla?

With Rolla, you take control of content creation. That means no more coordinating schedules with crews or subcontractors, no more unpredictable quality, no more hassle. Rolla empowers you to be a self sufficient real estate agent.

When will my video be finished?

You will receive your edited video in less than 72 hours, but often it will be closer to 48!

How many videos can I make per month?

Unlimited! Once you are an approved Rolla member, we will edit all the video you send us.

If I’m part of a real estate team with multiple agents, can one member of our team film all of our listings?

Yes, if you are part of a larger real estate team and prefer to have 1 dedicated agent or administrator be a Rolla member and film all of your listings - that is great!

Is this a generic template, or is it custom to my brand?

Rolla uses your brokerage’s branding assets like fonts, colors, and logos to make the final video truly unique to your brand. This includes an opening title card, text overlays to highlight key features of the listing, and an ending title card with agent information.

Do I need to use the DJI Osmo?

Yes. The DJI Osmo Mobile is the best stabilizer on the market. Our education is based on the Osmo Mobile in order to provide our members with the best quality content.

What phones work with Rolla?

Every phone! The DJI Osmo 4 is compatible with both Apple and Android products.