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Rolla is a platform that educates and empowers you to take control of your video content strategy with the support of real estate video producers and editors.


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The next generation of real estate agents are easily capturing multi-million dollar properties in 20 minutes or less using the Rolla Method.

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Rolla delivers social media edits for each of your properties, allowing you to extend your output, increase your reach and gain more leads with buyers and sellers on your MLS and social media platforms.

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"If you are able to shoot QUALITY video with your phone, ROLLA VIDEO (a Compass-approved vendor) will take your footage and edit it into a beautifully produced, COMPASS-branded finished product that will look SO much more professional than an amateurishly edited version.For 2021, are you planning VIDEO? Mini-clips and detailed tours.....

Leonard Steinberg

Chief Evangelist, Compass


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