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Rolla turns real estate agents into content creators.

We built Rolla to empower agents to take control of their content marketing strategy with cutting-edge technology. 

Rolla offers solutions for everyone, for every video marketing need.

Rolla transforms real estate professionals into professional content creators.We built Rolla to give you a compelling video content strategy to win listings, grow your business and elevate your marketing. Our unique technology helps you create high-quality videos you can share with confidence, even if you never dreamed of using video as a marketing tool before.

Unlimited, social-ready videos for $9.99 per month

Rolla subscription transforms your social media strategy using cutting-edge AI features. Create instant, professional videos perfect for sharing on social media in minutes. Rolla’s instant AI editor transforms your clips into production-quality 30 second videos with music, text overlays and guided shots to create visual interest in under one minute. Grow your fans and followers, expand your marketing reach, and showcase your listings with confidence.

In need of a different level of marketing video?

Buy credit packages for professionally edited, sophisticated, longer-form video projects. Showcase your personal brand, important listings, market thought leadership or local neighborhood expertise. Use Rolla’s curated storyboards to plan and shoot your video using the app’s instructions as your AI production team. Submit your project to Rolla’s team of professional editors, who will finalize your video in twenty-four hours. This solution saves real estate professionals an average of 84% versus hiring a traditional video production company, and saves days or weeks on the video production timeline.

Every video below was filmed by a real estate agent.