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Editor Policy

Client notes will count as an external edit when the user wants to:

  • Rearrange the order of rooms/spaces (when not previously specified)

  • Change the speed of clips

  • Add callouts (that weren’t previously provided)

  • Move callouts to different spots in the edit

  • Exception: if the callout is very obviously over the wrong room/space, then that’s more of an editor error and that can count as an internal edit (i.e putting “dining room” callout over a bedroom shot)

  • Remove/add clips or cut parts of clips in the edit

  • Change the beginning or end cards with information we didn’t have previously

Client notes will not count as an external edit when:

  • Footage (incl. stock footage) that they provided/asked for isn’t included in the edit

  • Callouts that they provided are not included in the edit

  • Typos/errors in the callout text or overlays

  • Information on beginning or end cards is not accurate to what they provided us

  • The user has stabilization or color correction notes

  • The user provides a note that’s the same as a note on a previous draft and it wasn’t addressed by the editor team.

**If the user repeats a note in a later draft, but enters in other notes that haven’t been addressed yet/don’t qualify as an internal error from the editors, that will count as an external edit.**

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