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Flexible pricing so you only pay for what you use.

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Your marketing managers will love their ever-growing content library.

Full visibility of all videos your agents create --- arming your next branded marketing campaign.

Custom storyboards

Have precise control on the capture experience so your agents know the exact shots you want them to capture.

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Back Camera
Capture a shot of you staging
Staging a listing

Change the settings and see the app change in real time!


Sync your data

Streamline the creation process for your agents by generating new projects when your system receives new data about a listing.

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Tailor-made onboarding

Have full control over the training modules your agents take so they learn to film the way you want them to.

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"If you are able to shoot quality video with your phone, Rolla will take your footage and edit it into a beautifully produced, branded finished product that will look SO much more professional than an amateurishly edited version."

Leonard Steinberg

Chief Evangelist, Compass


White Label Services

Use Rolla's technology as your own branded app, published under your own name in the app store.

Your logo and name in the app store

Your brand colors on every app page

Sync directly with your database

Portal to send push notifications to your users

Message board seen by all your users

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