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Become more than an agent. Become an expert.

The next segment in our “grow your business with video marketing” series is of the utmost importance. We’ve already discussed Market Update videos and the advantage of positioning yourself as an expert in the field. If you don’t recall, we discussed that successful real estate agents are pivoting their marketing strategy to focus on generating leads online; over 50% of homebuyers and sellers are looking online. Market update videos position you as an expert in your field, but what else?

Surely there’s more to it. In fact, there is; listing videos are just one piece of the puzzle. It is a combination of market update videos and topic videos that will help you grow your business and generate leads online.

What is a topic video?

A topic video brings value to your audience by providing them with insider information or informative nuggets that they can use in their daily life. For real estate agents, regularly posting a topic video related to real estate allows you to further showcase your knowledge about the industry. Regularly providing valuable information to buyers and sellers will help you generate an online audience. Soon enough, buyers and sellers will seek you out because of the topic videos you post online.

An online audience = more listings

We’ve just uncovered another piece to the puzzle! Creating an online audience will grow your business for three reasons:

  • Increases subscribers and video interactions: more subscribers and video interactions = more leads!

  • Develop your brand: remember, online buyers and sellers want to work with a real estate agent they trust and they trust real estate agents who give them helpful tips and industry backed information.

  • Can be used for target marketing: you can target your videos to specific audiences or locations in hopes of reaching a wider audience, quicker. This will expand your marketing reach further than ever before.

How to make a topic video

Topic videos are super easy to make, especially when you use Rolla. If you’re already a Rolla member then you know it takes under 5 minutes to film a professional quality topic video, and less than 48 hours to receive the final cut back from your personal editing team. With Rolla, you can film three to four topic videos at a time. If you’re still on the fence about using Rolla, we think this will push you over the edge.

Rolla helps you make professional quality videos straight from your phone. We provide you with all the equipment (minus the phone) and assign you a professional video editing team. We’ll even walk you through how to capture the best quality content.

When you have Rolla, the only thing you need to worry about is the topic of your video. The hard part (the editing) we’ll handle for you.

10 topics for your first ten weeks of topic videos

Topic videos should be posted once a week; remember, consistency is key with content! When you have a spare moment, or don’t have a listing video to film, fill your time with topic videos. Here are some topics to get you started.

Seller focused videos

  • Selling with a realtor vs FSBO

  • How to prepare for an open house

  • What to look for in a real estate agent

  • Top 5 repairs to do before putting your home on the market

  • How to get your home ready to go on market: declutter, touchup, and consider staging

Buyer focused videos

  • Condo vs House: what’s right for you

  • All about HOA’s

  • How to negotiate home repairs during the escrow period

  • What is a home inspection and why is it important

  • What a real estate agent does for a buyer

Creating value through topic videos will increase your engagement, boost your leads, and in turn grow your business. With Rolla, you’ll have a professional quality, social media ready video in under 48 hours.

Don’t miss out on the leads waiting for you online. Rolla will handle the hard part, all you have to do is be yourself and talk about what you love - real estate! Make your first topic video today.


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