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Compass Military Division partners with Rolla to Empower Agents with Branded Video Content

At Compass Military Division, we're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Rolla, the leading branded video creation platform in real estate. Our mission is to serve military personnel and their families with exceptional real estate services, and this collaboration with Rolla marks a significant advancement in our ability to equip our agents with cutting-edge video content creation capabilities to elevate their marketing efforts and drive business growth.

"Quality video is paramount for agents and teams aiming to expand their business and gain visibility across social media and other digital platforms," affirms Casey McGuire, CEO of Rolla.

"As the go-to branded video creation platform in real estate, Rolla empowers agents to effortlessly produce Property Tours, Neighborhood Guides, Topic Videos, Market Updates, Agent Bios, and Before & After videos—right from their smartphones while they're out in the field."

Through this exciting partnership, our agents at Compass Military Division will have access to Rolla's state-of-the-art video technology, enabling them to seamlessly craft dynamic and captivating videos showcasing properties, neighborhoods, and market insights in an immersive and engaging manner. By leveraging Rolla's platform, our agents can effectively convey the unique attributes and selling points of listings, driving increased interest and expediting sales cycles.

"Rolla has revolutionized our approach to video marketing," shares Todd Armstrong, Founder of Compass Military Division. "Previously, the cost of producing high-quality video content was exorbitant. Now, our agents have reduced their spending on video production by 70%."
"I've heard many agents express how challenging it is to create their own video content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok," adds Michael Nyland, Founder of Compass Military Division.

"We've witnessed firsthand how Rolla guides agents with zero video experience to capture quality content while in the field. It has alleviated the most labor-intensive aspect of the process—video editing—allowing agents to focus on their core tasks."

"We're thrilled to partner with Rolla to provide our agents with best-in-class video content creation capabilities. This partnership underscores our commitment to arming our agents with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the digital era and deliver exceptional service to our clients," says Todd Armstrong, Founder of Compass Military Division.

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