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The future is here and its video

Greatness comes when we embrace the future. The future is video and with our subscription video content service you can get ahead of the next industry trend by building a habit of creating video NOW.

83% of real estate agents that use video have said that it has helped them generate more leads. 80% have said that video has grown their sales. In addition, consumers want to see more videos! 86% said they’d like to see more videos from brands, businesses, and companies in general. On average, people are spending 16 hours a week watching video.

Your current and future clients want video, and are looking for people and businesses that use video content. Don’t get left behind in the video content revolution!

When you subscribe to our platform, you get access to :

  • A dedicated producer

  • Full video branding

  • A 48 hour turnaround time

  • Pre-licensed music library

  • MLS ready videos

  • 24/7 tutorial access

  • A head start on agents who aren't using Rolla

When you sign up for a Rolla subscription, you’ll have a full-on professional video production studio in your pocket, and access to five easy-to-use video templates helping you create engaging, lead generating content. As a member you’ll have access to templates for Market Updates, Listing Videos, and Topic Videos.

We’ve made it easy for you to create three videos a month, or more if you’re up for it! The more videos you make, the less your per video cost is and the higher your ROI. Not to mention… the more video content you create, the higher your ranking on a potential client’s google search page.

Google prioritizes content with video

Video content can increase your organic foot traffic from 10% - 250%. The more quality video content you create, the higher your website and content will rank on Google search pages. The higher you rank, the more discoverable you are to new audiences. 93% of online traffic starts with a search. If you’re not making video content, you’re leaving hundreds of leads on the table!

We recommend posting one video a week to achieve optimal results. When you sign up with Rolla, one video a week is easy!

Consistency is key

The most important part of creating video content is creating video consistently. Consistency is vital for a number of reasons:

  • The more consistently you create content, the more you will show up on your current or future client’s feed. The more your current and potential client’s see, the more they will build name recognition with you and your brand. The more content your clients watch, the more likely they are to remember your name when looking for real estate related advice.

  • A video a week allows you to get in front of your audience and build trust with your clientele. Trust is built by providing current and future clients with content that keeps them informed about industry trends, and passes off insider information and tips only real estate agents would know.

  • The algorithm will prioritize your content when you consistently create it. Therefore, ranking your content higher on your current and potential client’s search algorithms and making you more visible on your current and potential client’s social media feeds.

  • Your current and future clients have a reason to come back to your page if they know that you regularly post quality content.

  • Consistent content strengthens your brand identity and authority on real estate.

If you don’t consistently post content, everything you did to build your audience will fall by the wayside. The reality is, if you aren’t consistent with your content, you won’t show up in your audience's feeds and your content won’t rank on google search pages.

There is an added benefit to consistently creating content with your Rolla subscription because the more videos you create, the less your videos will cost to make.

With our video subscription service, you don’t have to worry about coming up with ideas to keep your content fresh. We’ve provided our users with easy-to-use templates that take the guess-work out of content creation and are guaranteed to target what your audience is looking for online.

Don’t get left behind…

In five years from now, where do you think video’s place in real estate will be? Agents will be creating more video, not less. Not to mention, your clients are very busy, and 82% would rather watch video than read text. The truth is, you need to meet your clients where they're at and they’re watching video.

We’re experienced video content creators

We built this company specifically to assist real estate agents with creating video content. Our team consists of production experts who have created and marketed over $3,000,000,000 worth of residential real estate. We regularly work with the top brokers across the country to grow their business.

Our subscription service is top broker approved

We’ve seen top agents generate more leads than they ever have before with our video subscription service. Our subscription service is designed to give you the inside track to top broker status. The founders of Rolla have spent years working with top brokers across the country to develop a subscription service that employs all the techniques and tactics top brokers use to scale their business.

The more videos you create, the less your videos will cost to make. Subscribe today and start creating quality content in minutes.

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