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4 ways video content can grow your real estate business

It's no secret that using real estate videos in your business can increase your business's growth. Experts predict that video content will account for 82% of online traffic in 2022. Since buyers and sellers are online looking for their new home or new realtor, it's essential now more than ever to embrace real estate videos in your business. Let's walk through how real estate videos can grow your business.

1. Establishing a connection between buyers and sellers.

Real estate videos allow you to establish a connection with buyers and sellers. Prospective clients get to put a face to the name. Real estate video builds a sense of familiarity between you and your prospective clients. Video captures prospective clients' attention, and it isn’t something buyers and sellers can toss out with their junk mail like the paper marketing mailers of the past.

The most important aspect of a real estate video is showcasing who you are and your brand. 86% of people surveyed said that authenticity matters when deciding what brand to go with. You are your brand and you have the ability to showcase who you are through a real estate video; showcasing authenticity allows you to build trust faster and encourages buyers and sellers to reach out to you as the residential real estate expert in their area.

2. Rank higher in searches.

Search engines love video, and including video on your realtor website pages will increase your website rank on searches for “real estate agents” or “realtors in the area.” Adding video to your website increases the likelihood that your website appears on the first page of these google searches by 53%. When your website ranks higher on a search page, it will generate more leads and grow your business. Websites at the top of search results get 42% of the traffic.

It may feel like statistical overload at this point but, the numbers don't lie! Adding real estate video content increases views, increases traffic, and in turn increases lead conversion.

3. Boosts email click-throughs.

If you're still not convinced, then check this out: according to a recent survey, putting the word video in a subject line of an email boosts the email open rate by 19% and converts over 40% of customers who see that video. Think about all those listing email blasts that you send out. When you include the word “video” in the subject line and a video in the body of your listing blast, at least 19% more people will open that email. 19% more people opening your listing blast email means selling your listings faster; sold listings = happy sellers, and happy sellers = more referrals.

4. Social shares reach more people, fast.

When you produce good, quality content, people want to share it with their friends. When people share your real estate video on their social media, their network of friends will see your content. Instantly, you're connected with an audience of people you wouldn't normally reach through your regular marketing channels.

Now that you know that video content works to grow your real estate business, start creating content that gets shared. With the help of Rolla, you can make professional quality, shareable video content in under 48 hours. Don't mess around with video editing; your professional editing team will handle all the post-production for you. Rolla allows you to focus on sharing your brand and personality and creating meaningful content that people want to share with their networks. 2021 is the year video content grows your real estate business.


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