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The luxury home market is moving to video

Luxury home clients are looking for the top of the line everything: appliances, location, views, and marketing. Video creation should be an essential part of your luxury home marketing package. If you regularly sell luxury listings, “virtual tour” should be a central part of your listing presentation.

It’s no secret that luxury homes sit on the market for longer than regular homes. In fact, luxury homes can sit on the market for over 500 days. This is for a number of reasons but mostly because luxury homes have a smaller buyer pool. Not everyone can afford that $2,000,000+ price tag!

You can reach a global market of buyers by creating listing videos and continually sharing them on your social media channels, like facebook and instagram. If you’re constantly searching “how to create a virtual tour?” Or wasting precious time on free video editing software, Rolla has a solution to help you transition your luxury marketing strategy into the 21st century.

We’ve made creating videos as easy as taking a picture. You don’t have to waste time learning how to create videos. Nor do you have to spend money on expensive, complicated video making software or time on video editing websites that are filled with pop-ups and malware. We’ve created a product that turns your phone into a high production video making machine.

We’ll edit the video for you, you just have to turn your phone’s video recorder on. Bam - you have a fantastic alternative in half the time and for half the cost. Sell your luxury listing fast when you subscribe to our video making software today.

Check out some of the luxury listings our subscribers have sold recently with the help of video:

How can video entice a luxury buyer?

A luxury home buyer is looking for design and features. They are looking for homes that work for their daily routines. Video is the most effective way to capture that. Through video, you can show a luxury buyer:

  • Features and benefits of the home, and

  • Desirable lifestyle attributes.

Video can help you connect with the luxury buyer and sell them on the views, overall feeling of life, and help them picture themselves in the property. Video not only helps you encapsulate the special features and lifestyle that go along with your luxury property, video also helps you expand your buyer pool.

Creating videos expands your reach

When you use video to market your luxury listing, you have the opportunity to reach luxury buyers across the country and across the world. You aren’t confined to the reach of paper flyers or local word of mouth.

Luxury real estate is an increasingly global market. The thing about luxury buyers is that they don’t need to buy the property; they want to. So to help your listing stand out, you need to make your client feel something when they see it.

At Rolla, our video creation team will add background music to your video to evoke the emotion global luxury buyers need to take the next step. You’d be surprised what the right background music can do to convince a luxury buyer to make an inquiry!

It isn’t just the background music that entices a global audience of buyers to finally make an offer on your listing. It’s also because they are able to take a virtual tour without ever leaving their home. 90% of people search for a home online, and that includes luxury buyers! If you want to capture the eyes of a luxury buyer, your best chance is through video.

Searching for “how to make 360 video?” Rolla can help

We’ve designed a service to help you create high-quality video with ease. Our members have access to a professional production team right in their pocket. Members also have access to a multitude of templates.

Think of templates like your own personal producer. We’ve already determined what shots are going to look the best, just follow the prompts and you’ll have captured what you need to make a professional quality video. In under 20 minutes, too.

Once you send your clips to the editing team, you’ll have a social media ready video in 48-hours. Comparable services (a professional video studio) are thousands of dollars and take weeks to see a finished product. Not only have we decreased the cost and turnaround of creating videos by over 90%, we also offer a load of other features to our subscribers.

  • Personalized branding on all videos

  • MLS and social media ready videos

  • 24/7 tutorial access

  • Pre-licensed music library to choose background music for your video

  • A head start on other luxury agents who aren’t using Rolla

If you’re not convinced, check out the luxury listing videos that our subscribers have made to sell their listings, fast. Our subscription service turns your phone into a virtual tour creator. Don’t waste time and money on Matterports when you have something better than Matterport in your pocket. Subscribe today and sell your luxury listing tomorrow with the help of video.


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