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How Rolla helps agents sell luxury listings

Selling luxury properties presents unique challenges for real estate agents.

For example, luxury homes usually appeal to a narrower subset of buyers who have more to spend, but also have higher expectations of what they’ll get. These homes also tend to include specialized decor and amenities that have been crafted by renowned architects and designers. Finally, high-end clients can be more discerning when it comes to choosing a real estate agent to work with. They want to find someone who inspires their confidence and trust.

At Rolla, we can help agents sell luxury listings in any market. In fact, dozens of multi-million dollar properties have already been sold with our help. At the rate agents who use Rolla are going, we expect this number to be in the hundreds and eventually thousands sooner rather than later.

So how exactly can Rolla help?

Our products specifically highlight what buyers want to see.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Median Market or Luxury Listing. Buyers want to see exactly what they're purchasing. However, when it comes to high-end properties, quality matters more than anything else. A shaky, haphazard video isn’t going to capture their attention or their trust. Included in your annual Rolla package is a stabilizer that allows you to capture stunning, clear, and captivating footage that our professional editors will put together for you to create a standout Listing Video. Through our products, you are able to elevate your marketing material so that you capture attention and earn the trust of luxury clients.

Professional videos tell a story and point out high-end features.

Rolla’s Listing Video product allows you to showcase a luxury property in the best light possible. We guide you through the process of how to capture the right shots so that the viewer can “feel” the experience through the screen and enjoy the essence of what it would be like to live in that home. Video also allows you to immediately point out high-end features such as the architecture, brand-name appliances, and lush landscaping. Premium features such as a wine cellar, roof deck with city views, library, private elevator, heated floors, and custom closets with plenty of storage will have the opportunity to shine on camera and help attract the right buyer.

Rolla helps build trust and establish credibility.

Our Agent Video product was created to help realtors like you connect with buyers and sellers. Since high-end property buyers can be particularly discerning with their decisions, an Agent Bio video is the perfect opportunity to share your experience in the luxury market. But it’s not just your experience that counts. A professional video immediately captures trust because viewers have the opportunity to see you and hear you. When people connect with your personality, and hear the story you have to tell, they get a sense of who you are as a person and as an agent. This distinguishes you from other realtors in the area whose marketing material may not be as strong as yours.

You can showcase a lifestyle.

Buyers of luxury homes tend to desire a specific lifestyle. They may want their kids to go to a particular school and be part of a community they will thrive in. Highlighting local top-tier amenities like grocery stores, parks, gyms, and nearby restaurants helps them picture themselves living there. Many buyers want to know what options are available for entertainment, dining, and nightlife.

Through our Neighborhood Guide product, you can help future buyers envision what their lifestyle will be like in that neighborhood. It’s important for buyers to not only envision their life at home, but to also see and feel how they will fit in with their new community.

At Rolla, we equip agents like you with the tools necessary to capture captivating footage that allows luxury buyers to see exactly what they want to see. Your dedicated editor will ensure that your marketing materials are at the top of the game and that you and your listings are showcased in the best light possible.

Ready to get started? Elevating your marketing materials is just a click away!


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