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Easy to create videos with our video subscription service

Now that we’ve established that video is the next big thing in real estate marketing, you need to consistently make engaging content. We’ve put together the top 10 real estate videos that will help you build your brand and grow your real estate presence and audience online.

New listing video

Take potential buyers on a tour of the home. Turn on the open house charm and show the viewers at home the most interesting, fun, or unique features of your listing. Don’t forget, subscribers have access to our new listing video template. You don’t have to think about what the best shots are when you use the new listing video template. We’ve already thought about that for you!

Neighborhood Tour

Neighborhood tour videos are a great supplement to a new listing video. These help potential buyers get a feel for the neighborhood. It also helps them imagine themselves in the neighborhood. Not to mention, it makes you look like an area expert. Subscribers can easily adapt the listing video template into a neighborhood tour template.

Topic videos

Topic videos work to build your brand. They communicate to potential and current clients that you are a reputable and knowledgeable real estate agent. The topic video template is ideal for these types of videos.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are also a great way to build your brand. These videos are an opportunity to showcase to buyers and sellers just how great you are at real estate. Any potential buyers and sellers on the fence will reach out instantly after hearing reviews from your past clients! Our subscribers use the topic video template to make compelling testimonial videos.

“About Me” video

The ultimate brand builder! Letting potential buyers and sellers get to know you over video will build trustworthiness and brand recognition. Talk about who you are, what you do, and why you got into real estate in the first place! Subscribers can use our topic video template to guide them in creating an “about me” video.

Local business highlight

Nothing makes you more of a local expert than knowing where all the cool, local businesses are. Showcasing a local business a week helps you create consistent content. Who knows, maybe the local business will share your video on their socials! Double marketing win! Our subscribers can use the topic video template to help them make local business highlight videos.

Just sold video

Just sold videos will help you build your credibility and give potential clients a tangible idea of the results you may be able to provide for them. In this video, you can share with viewers your marketing strategy for the home, the list price, number of offers, the sales price, and much more. Subscribers can use either the listing or topic video or templates to help make this type of video.

Interview videos

Interview videos are a great way to introduce your team members. If you work as a team of one, you can introduce your lender, title rep, or favorite homeowners insurance representative. It will show potential clients that you’re well connected. In addition, you can communicate to buyers and sellers that you’re a full-service real estate agent. Our subscribers are using the topic video template to help them create an interview style video.

Coming soon video

A coming soon video is an excellent pre-market tool. It will generate hype and increased interest among potential buyers. Our subscribers can use the listing video template to make a killer coming soon video!

Hot homes on the market video

Hot homes on the market videos are exciting and can garner a lot of views. Showcasing interesting homes around your community has a chance to go viral! In addition to going viral, Hot Homes will boost your local expert rating. Subscribers have access to topic video or listing video templates to assist them in making a professional video.

We make consistent, compelling video content easy to create. Our members have access to a whole host of professional tools and templates to start creating video in under 20 minutes. Don’t delay, start making content to boost your business today! Check out the videos that other Rolla subscribers are creating.


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