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4 keys to build an emotional connection with your audience

The process of buying a home is filled with a massive mix of emotions.

It’s normal for buyers to be nervous that they might be making the wrong decision yet also filled with excitement for the future. Perhaps they’re apprehensive about moving to a new place but are also looking forward to the possibilities that come with new beginnings.

All of these feelings are normal.

So what does this mean for real estate agents?

It’s important to connect emotionally with your audience, especially since the process of buying or selling a home is naturally filled with emotion.

In fact, Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman claims that 95% of all purchases, including real estate, are based on emotional decisions. Sure, buyers and sellers will run through the prices and specs, but neuroscience suggests that we buy on emotion and then justify with logic.

This data underscores exactly how important it is for agents to build an emotional connection with audiences.

With Rolla, you can do this through the following products:

  • Topic Videos

  • Market Update Videos

  • Agent Bios

  • Neighborhood Guides

There’s a major difference between sending out a newsletter with some generic copy (does anyone actually enjoy getting those?) vs. sending out a video that features your insights, personality, and helpfulness.

How powerful is emotional marketing?

Emails with emotional appeal boast 63% higher click-through rates. This results in more leads, conversions, and referrals.

Think about it this way: let’s say you’re going on vacation to the Grand Canyon. Do you think your friends are going to only want to see pictures of the scenery? Or are they going to want to see pictures of you hiking and exploring one of the natural wonders of the world?

Anyone can pull up a picture of the Grand Canyon on Google. But a picture of you actually doing things on the ground is going to be more emotionally appealing to your friends and family than a picture of only the scenery.

Likewise, why just take a picture of a property or the neighborhood? Any real estate agent can do that. But no other real estate agent can be you.

No one else has your life story, experience, perspective, and opinions.

Here are four proven methods to building an emotional connection with audiences:

  1. Personalization. The best way to connect emotionally with your audience is to create content specifically for your target market. Remember, specificity is key when it comes to video marketing in real estate. Our Neighborhood Guide product is excellent for this. Perhaps you can talk about personal experiences in the local neighborhood at restaurants, schools, or nightlife. These personal experiences make it easier for potential buyers to envision their future in this area. They’ll get a sense of what the community is like and whether or not it’s right for them.

  2. Unique, valuable insights. People love exclusivity. They love feeling like they have “inside knowledge” or “insider information.” What better way to provide that than through Topic Videos? At Rolla, we know that buyers have questions — lots of them. Our Topic Video product allows you to focus on one issue at a time, providing your unique insights, experiences, and expertise on the subject matter. Instead of blending in with your competitors by repurposing topics for your newsletters, come up with your own Topic Videos that offer your unique take on situations. When you show your audience that you’ve got something valuable to offer, you’ll see your audience come back again and again, eventually nurturing into qualified leads.

  3. Tell stories. There’s a reason streaming services are booming. Everyone loves a good story. Why not tell your own? Our Agent Bio product allows you to showcase your story so that you can build a connection with potential buyers and sellers. Yes, it’s important to build credibility, but there’s something powerful about getting to see your face, hear your voice, and experience your personality through video. Suddenly, you become more “real,” which makes users more likely to click your call-to-action and begin the process of working with you.

  4. Provide superior customer service. People want to feel special. They want to feel like you’re listening to their needs, questions, and wants. You can do this through providing superior customer service, even to prospective clients. This is exactly why we created our Market Update Video product. Not only are you providing exclusive information about your local market, you are also ensuring that your audience is equipped with the most up-to-date information. Aside from building an emotional connection, this product also helps build your credibility, as it allows you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

It’s a fast-paced world.

There are countless agents all vying for the same clients, so what are you doing to distinguish yourself? What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

Anything not emotive feels clinical and simply doesn’t move the needle.

Through the power of video marketing, you can establish a relationship with your audience before you even meet them in real-life.

That’s pretty powerful — and we want to help you harness that advantage for yourself!


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