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Just dropped: Two new templates to add to your video content arsenal

Rolla members now have access to two brand new video templates. Now introducing: the agent profile and neighborhood guide video templates. Both are an excellent addition to your real estate content repertoire and help grow your brand.

Like always, we’ve taken the thinking out of content creation. Log in, fill out the template form to set up your shoot, and hit record. Our team has planned out all the video shots so you don’t have to. It’s the same great service with an expanded content range. Our members have exclusive access to new video products.

Our members don't have to mess around with an online video editor. When you subscribe, you have access to a full-time video editing team that will splice together your clips, add background music to your video, and optimize it for easy posting to facebook video or other social media sites.

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The Agent Profile Video

The Agent Profile Video allows you to introduce yourself to your audience. It’s a great way to start building trust with your future clients before ever meeting them. Our members use the agent profile video to talk about their skills, experience, and their love for real estate. Some agents share personal facts or insight about themselves to solidify their connection with their online audience.

The agent profile video will help you stand out from the masses of real estate agents competing for the same listing or the same buyers and sellers. This template is a great way to take control of the first impression. Think of this template as an “intro maker.”

Send your intro video to potential sellers prior to the listing appointment to start building a relationship and a connection before your face-to-face meeting. Other agents don’t stand a chance when you use the agent profile video.

The Agent Profile Video template allows your personality to shine through; our team has already planned out all the video shots you need to make an engaging profile video.

The Neighborhood Guide Video

The Neighborhood Guide Video template is a great way to solidify your status as an expert in the market. With this template you can take your audience on a tour of your city, neighborhood by neighborhood.

This template is also a great way to motivate potential buyers to put an offer in on a home. You can show them what life is like in the neighborhood, which can help buyers on the fence become more serious about the home buying process. In fact, 64% of buyers make a purchase after watching a branded video. After all, buyers want to get a feel for the area before buying a home. The Neighborhood Guide Video allows you to introduce potential buyers to all different kinds of neighborhoods in half the time.

Our members don’t have to spend hours driving buyers around to look at neighborhoods, they can create a comprehensive Neighborhood Guide Video in under 20 minutes. Potential buyers are more likely to use you because you introduced them to the neighborhood via video. You can take your real estate business virtual with the help of the neighborhood guide template.

The Neighborhood Guide Video template is fun and engaging, it allows your knowledge to shine through and highlights your niche expertise in the real estate arena. Using this video template will build a sense of trust with your online audience and, in turn, convert viewers into leads and leads into sales.

Take a look at the neighborhood guide template in action.

Creating video has never been easier. Unlock more views with these two new templates. Remember, more video views = more leads and more leads = more sales. Subscribe today and instantly get access to these two awesome templates!


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