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Timely content is hyper effective: here’s how to use it

So much of the real estate industry is based on current market conditions.

On the one hand, buyers want to see as many properties as possible before making an offer. They want to know what similar properties are going for to ensure that they are getting a fair price. They want to know what the current market conditions are and whether they are purchasing the right home for their family.

On the other hand, sellers want to do everything they can to stand out. What’s the average number of days on the market before a property is sold? Are we in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?

What are other issues going on that both buyers and sellers should know?

Here’s the truth: you’re more likely to win someone’s business if you’re the first one to deliver these answers.

By utilizing timely content in your video marketing for real estate, you:

  • Establish credibility in your market

  • Earn the trust of potential buyers and sellers

  • Offer valuable insights that attract qualified leads

But here’s the catch: timely content is, you guessed it, time sensitive.

For real estate agents that work with a video production company or with freelancers, it can be difficult to create timely videos.


Because the market conditions may have changed or the news might be outdated before the video is finished.

Many video production companies and freelancers work too slowly for effective, timely videos. A production company, for example, might already have the next few weeks scheduled for other shoots. Once you shoot with them, it might take an additional 1-2 weeks (or even more) to receive an edited draft of the video.

While freelancers can typically move more quickly than a production company, it can take a lot of trial and error to find the right freelancer for you. This means wasted time, money, and energy.

At Rolla, we know that if there’s something going on right now and it’s timely, people should know about it as soon as possible.

Again, if you’re the first one to deliver the news, you’re more likely to earn their business.

This is why we guarantee a polished, edited video within 48 hours after you submit your footage. We know how critical timing is.

The sooner you can get market update videos on your platforms, the sooner you can begin attracting potential buyers and sellers in your market.

Our Market Update videos are designed exactly for this purpose. Our template will guide you through the process so that you can harness the information and deliver it to prospects in a fast, concise, and personalized manner.

The end result?

Prospects are more likely to engage.

Here’s the best part: you can create a Market Update video in as little as 20 minutes.

You don’t need to worry about hiring a crew, expensive cameras, lighting folks, or a makeup artist. With our Market Update video product, all you need is your phone and your expertise.

Simply sit down, start recording, and share the market update you have with the world.

But what would you talk about?

Here are some sources of inspiration to create your own timely videos for real estate marketing

  • Market Updates. Yes, you can sit down and simply provide market updates. It really is that simple. While this information might seem boring or repetitive to you, potential buyers and sellers want to know what’s happening right now. Remember, you live in the world of real estate. You know the market at the back of your hands, but the average person does not. While this might seem super simple to you, it is extremely helpful for potential buyers and sellers. This is why Market Updates is one of our key video templates.

  • Current Trends. Creating timely content means paying attention to what’s happening in your market. Are you noticing a trend among buyers? Is there a specific question that everyone suddenly seems to be asking? Because you work “on the ground” in your market, you’ll have a feel for what’s trending and what’s about to trend. Don’t be afraid to use these topics in your videos!

  • Newsjacking. This is a term that content marketers use when they want to take advantage of news stories. For example, you might have noticed more brands mentioning COVID since the pandemic began. They’re essentially incorporating current events into their marketing efforts. When it comes to real estate marketing, not every story is the “right fit.” Wait until you hear about a story that you think will be relevant, helpful, or interesting to your target audience and then share your thoughts on it with them!

Making video content might seem intimidating at first, but once you start, it’ll begin to feel as natural as talking to a prospective buyer or seller.

Try creating timely content with Rolla and see how much traction you can gain in your market!


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