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Be seen online with these 5 tips

Have you ever wondered how real estate agents get views on their videos, or get featured in the news and on Good Morning America for their videos? They follow a specific formula, and have a little luck. The team at Rolla has put together tips and tricks to help make your Rolla video be seen. After all, more eyes on your content = more business.

Make it look professional

A shaky, blurry video isn’t going to encourage anyone to watch your video for more than a few seconds. A professional, clear, and quality video is going to send you to the top of the charts. Our video subscription service is designed to help you create professional quality video in under 20 minutes. Rolla subscribers have an edge on the rest of the market when it comes to the potential to be seen because they have access to a full video production studio in their pocket.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

Humor is a huge part of the viral videos. At the end of the day, people want to share a video they connect with. Let your personality shine through and you’ll capture people’s attention. Our subscribers have access to a variety of templates that allow their personalities to shine through. With templates our creative team has already thought through the shots you’ll need to create a compelling video, you just have to bring yourself and your script to the table.

Share it everywhere

Going viral is all about the number of eyes you get on your video. When you maximize your video for social media, you have a greater chance of going viral. Facebook has over 1.09 billion daily mobile users. When you optimize for social sharing, you increase your ability to go viral! You can use the social media analytics from your videos to create even more targeted content. All the videos created with Rolla are social-media ready.

Length is everything

Keep it short and sweet! When you’re creating viral content, you have to make the video concise and to the point. Viral videos are, on average, 30 to 60 seconds long. Our subscribers have access to a professional editor that will help them make the most compelling, time conscious video possible.

Provide value

Viral videos are educational or helpful to viewers. When you create content that people can resonate with and find useful, the higher chance you have of going viral. Our subscribers have access to topic video templates and neighborhood video templates.

Topic video templates help our realtors do what they do best: provide valuable content to viewers about the home buying or selling process. The neighborhood video templates show viewers that you are the expert in your market. Anyone looking for a realtor wants to work with someone they trust. Subscribers can use these two video templates to provide the value needed for a viral video.

Subscribe today and make your first viral video tomorrow. All of our subscribers have access to:

  • Personalized branding on all videos

  • MLS and social media ready videos

  • 24/7 tutorial access

  • Pre-licensed music library to choose background music for your video

Don’t spend time learning how to edit videos or splicing clips together with expensive video creating software. One monthly fee will get you access to a world class video production and editing studio. Why wait when going viral is right on the other side of the subscribe button.


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