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Build your audience with Rolla’s subscription video service

Rolla is introducing a subscription video service to help you unlock the power of video. Every plan comes with the following perks:

  • A dedicated producer. Your producer is available for technical and creative support via call or email.

  • Personalized branding. We will brand any video with call-out text, your contact info and your logo.

  • 48 hour turnaround. You’ll receive your video in 48 hours and we’ll also include one proof.

Agents that use video gain 400% more engagement online. With our subscription service, you’re producing powerful, polished videos to attract more quality leads in minutes.

Why Video?

Here’s the thing, video allows you to stay on your clients radar by consistently putting out engaging and informative content. Lets face it, no one answers their phone anymore, especially if they don’t have the number saved in their contacts. Gone are the days of cold calling a list of leads or constantly texting or calling old clients to let them know you’re still in the business.

Video marketing allows past, current, and future clients to interact with you online. Through video, potential clients will experience your personality and build trust with your brand, while past and current clients will think of you as a thought leader in the industry. Never has a marketing effort targeted so many leads and lead sources at once.

The video content you create throughout the week will build trust and rapport with potential, current, and future clients literally while you sleep.

Work smarter, not harder with our video marketing subscription service.

Rolla + MLS + You = A Commission Making Machine

As a subscriber, you’ll receive the added benefit of seamless MLS integration with all your Rolla created listing videos. With our platform, you can easily add video to your listing page on the MLS and get the coveted “Virtual Tour” tag.

You don’t have to pay thousands or wait weeks for the Matterport to become available. As a subscriber, you can offer your clients a virtual tour option as soon as the listing papers are signed.

Relevancy grows your business

Not only does video help you stay in front of your clients but it keeps you relevant. Did you know that Google loves video? The search engine algorithm prioritizes content with video. The more videos you make (you can make upwards of 10 a month with the Rolla subscription!) the higher up the search page your website and content ranks.

Higher search results = more leads!

With video, you’re staying in front of your clients in a less intrusive way. When your current or potential clients have a question about real estate, they’ll turn to you because they’ve watched your content videos and know that you are an expert in the field.

You have to meet your current and future clients where they're at, and they're online.

The bottom line is, if you're not creating new, timely content on a consistent basis you’re already falling behind. When you create video with your Rolla subscription, you’re getting ahead of the competition by consistently creating content!

If you won’t take our word for it, take real estate coach Tom Ferry’s and Shannon Gillette’s word for it: “There is no better way to scale trust than with video, it will slowly grow [your business] if you’re consistent.”

Try out our brand new subscription service today and start generating new leads tomorrow. The only thing standing between you and real estate greatness, is video.


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