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Buyers and sellers trust industry experts. Become one with Market Update Videos.

Are you curious how the agents in your office generate new leads and turn those new leads into commission dollars? We know their secret: market update videos.

Not only are these brokers successfully generating leads with market update videos, they are changing their market strategy to meet buyers and sellers where they’re at: online. COVID has changed the way we interact with one another; not only has it altered the future of communication but it has accelerated the switch to virtual-everything.

When you update your marketing strategy, you’re bound to see a bump in your business!

Market update videos? Sounds crazy, right? A simple formula makes market update videos critical to any top agent’s success. Market update videos communicate two essential things to buyers and sellers looking for a real estate agent online:

1) Trustworthiness: Studies show that buyers and sellers feel a level of trust with realtors they see video content from because they can get a sense of the realtor’s personality. In real estate, your personality is your brand!

2) Industry Experts: Market update videos allow realtors to position themselves as industry experts. What buyer or seller wouldn’t want to work with an industry expert?

Trustworthiness + Industry Experts = a booming business.

Buyers and sellers want to work with the agent they trust and a realtor that knows the business. Through market update videos, realtors can prove to buyers and sellers that they are both trustworthy and industry experts all in just a few minutes.

The top agents in your office have figured this out and have successfully positioned themselves as "the agent to work with” through the use of market update videos.

The best part: you can make market update videos and grow your business ten-fold.

Are you struggling with the content aspect? How are you going to come up with an extra script in addition to your weekly email newsletter, social media posts, and other marketing materials? Don’t! Brokers creating market update videos right now are using the weekly e-email newsletter as their script. Your brokerage already gives you the market update content, use it to your advantage. With a pre-written script and Rolla’s video editing team, you’re ready to grow your real estate business online through market update videos.

Rolla is now offering a market update video product. We can assist you in creating, recording, editing, and posting your market update video; we work with your schedule. For best results, you should post a market update video once a week. However, it’s important to remember that consistency is key; decide the number of videos you’d like to post per week or per month and stick to it. We’re here to assist you. There is no limit!

Become the market expert and grow your business ten-fold with the help of Rolla. Create your first market update video today.


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