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Can you guess the most critical ingredient of your brand?

What do real estate and artificial intelligence have in common? Furthermore, how can this commonality help you with branding?

New research shows that only 25% of consumers trust artificial intelligence.

When you consider how widespread technology is, isn’t it surprising how low this number is? After all, we trust our smartphones to communicate with each other, we trust the internet as a source of information, and some of us even rely on “self-driving” cars for transportation.

So why do only 25% of consumers trust A.I.?

It’s because it isn’t human.

Here’s the proof: researchers discovered that consumers are more likely to trust robots or artificial intelligence that looks human. When the robots had human faces showing a personality, friendliness, and eye contact, trust scores skyrocketed. This was also true for artificial intelligence projected onto a display screen.

So that raises the question: what does this have to do with real estate and your brand?

When it comes to branding, the most important element is a human connection. Whether it’s real estate or artificial intelligence, consumers want to feel connected to whoever they’re engaging with.

This is why video is so powerful in real estate marketing.

The moment the viewer sees your face and hears your voice, they connect with you on a whole new level.

This isn’t to say that traditional branding considerations like logos and color schemes aren’t important. They are. However, real estate is an incredibly personal business. For most people, a house is the largest purchase they will ever make. Beyond that, a house is more than a building; it’s a home. Where someone lives defines so much of their life.

When you take all of that into consideration, it’s no wonder why buyers and sellers want to work with a real estate agent they can connect with.

If clients feel that connection, then they’ll trust that you will listen to their concerns, understand their needs, and fight for the best deal possible.

At Rolla, we help real estate agents connect with their audiences through our Market Update and Topic Video products.

Consider a few of the benefits:

  • Clients gain immediate confidence. By creating a Market Update and Topic Video, you are showcasing your expertise on a wide range of topics. Market Updates, for example, allow you to show your connection to and knowledge about the local community, whereas Topic Videos build trust that you can help clients through every step of the process.

  • Viewers feel an immediate connection. Remember, research shows that consumers want that human element. Since most agents do not currently use video marketing, you are distinguishing yourself in your market as well. Even though the viewer hasn’t met you, they’ll get a feel for what you are like to work with.

  • You prove that you have hustle and drive. If most real estate agents don’t use video marketing, but you do, then what does that say about you? It subconsciously suggests to the viewer that you have hustle to aggressively market your clients’ properties. It also suggests that you have the tenacity needed to negotiate for the best deal. The simple commitment to video marketing is enough to distinguish yourself.

  • Videos are more likely to be shared 7x more than links. According to Facebook, pages’ videos are shared 7 times more often than links. Why? You guessed it: that human connection. Written articles are helpful and do have strong benefits, but video is as close to meeting someone that you can get without actually meeting them.

  • You can put your best foot forward. Whether you’re releasing a Market Update or a Topic Video, you can trust that you will make the best impression possible. Why? Because not only can you take as many “takes” (shots) as you want to, but you can also rest assured that our professional editors will showcase you in the best light.

So with all of that being said, let’s answer the question of this article: can you guess the most critical ingredient of your brand?

It’s you.

Plain and simple — and video will help you connect with your audience day after day on social media, long after you’ve filmed and uploaded the file.

Even as automation and artificial intelligence seeps into more areas of our lives, it can’t replace that authentic interpersonal connection. When people are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives, that connection matters. At Rolla, we want to help connect you with your audience so you can ultimately get more clients.

You already have everything you need to get started. You have your smartphone and you have yourself!

Connecting with your audience is just a tap away.


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