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Product preview: everyone loves a great before and after

What do weight loss testimonials, rags-to-riches stories, and the latest social media “glow-up” trend have in common?

They are all versions of “before and after” stories.

The reason that before and after stories are so compelling is because they create an immediate connection. The implication is that “this can work for you, too.” You can share in this success story and be a part of it.

At Rolla, we understand just how powerful before and after stories can be. This is why we’re excited to preview one of our newest upcoming products: Before and After videos.

These videos are designed to showcase the thoughtful renovations and improvements made to homes that are about to be listed on the market. Our Before and After product will allow you to capture before, during, and after the renovation.

These videos immediately garner attention and engagement on social media. What does this mean for you? More engagement leads to higher audience reach on social media, which results in more touchpoints with your audience and more opportunities for users to convert into qualified leads.

We understand why before and after stories are so popular on a personal level, but how can this help realtors when it comes to video marketing?

Before and After videos show the love and care being put into a home. Even if a viewer doesn’t realize it, the subconscious connection is, “If someone else can love this home this much, so can I.” Most updates and renovations are extremely thoughtful, especially when they’re being directed or initiated by someone who’s actually lived in the home. With Rolla, a Before and After video is the perfect opportunity to say, “This home is reaching its full potential.

It increases faith in the quality of your work. For most people, construction is a mystery. Due to lack of exposure and familiarity with the industry, most people don’t understand the entire process of building or renovating a home. A Before and After video that showcases the work being done will increase faith in the quality of the work. How? Viewers will see the thought process behind the changes, the materials being used, and the craftsmanship behind the work. Before and After videos confirm that quality work was completed to transform the property into the right choice for their family.

Viewers see they can get the latest and greatest at a fraction of the cost. In almost every circumstance, a remodeled home is going to cost less than a brand new build. According to U.S. News and World Report, remodeled homes cost $33,000 cheaper than new builds. Some experts claim that the difference can be as much as $60,000, according to the estimate by Mortgage Calculator. Not only will the buyer save money, but they’ll enjoy many of the same decor features, amenities, and touches as a new home. They won’t have to worry about how they’ll update a fixer-upper. All the work has already been done!

It takes the viewer through a journey. The results are impressive, but so is the journey. Let’s go back to the example of weight loss transformations. Who’s going to be more impressive? An athlete with a six pack or someone who was overweight and now has a six pack? Again, it’s not always about the results as it is the journey to get there. Similarly, a Before and After video on a home renovation takes the viewer through the journey. Someone who watches the video is going to be more invested and interested in the property than someone who just sees the finished product.

Don’t worry: you won’t need to set up a camera for days or weeks to create a timelapse video.

At Rolla, we’ll guide you through the process to capture the most effective footage for your target audience. Our Before and After product is designed to take the viewer through a journey and showcase the thoughtful love and passion being poured into the home.

Your dedicated video editor will thoughtfully piece together the clips you capture through your smartphone. You’ll even receive different files that are sized specifically for different social media platforms, so that you can post this on all your channels and increase your reach.

Make sure you’re using Rolla today so you can take advantage of our Before and After product once it launches! To learn more, visit our Pricing page today.


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