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How to repurpose your newsletters and bring them to life

Who wouldn’t want to get more marketing mileage out of their newsletters?

You’ve already spent time, effort, and energy into writing and sending out a newsletter, but chances are 80% of people on your email list didn’t read it. In fact, the average marketing email open rate is 21.33%, regardless of industry.

So how can you make sure that your audience gets the information they need to know? How can you get the greatest return possible in email marketing?

The answer is simple: by turning your newsletter into a video, and Rolla can help you do it.

You essentially already wrote your “script” with your email blasts. You can repurpose the content of your newsletter into a video. Most of your newsletters will fall into one of two videos:

  1. Market Updates

  2. Topic Videos

If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. In fact, there’s a phrase for this among marketing professionals. It’s called “repurposed content.” Essentially, you take content that’s made for one medium (like email newsletters) and “repurpose” it by adopting it into another medium (like video).

The hard work of figuring out what to say on video is already done. Use your newsletter as your script and record a video of yourself talking through the key points. Simply explain the content of your newsletter like you would to someone in person. It would likely take fewer than 15 minutes!

Even if you don’t use newsletters, chances are that there’s other marketing material that you can repurpose for video. Do you blog? Then repurpose that content for video! Does someone on your team create infographics for social media? Then use that for Topic Videos or a Market Update. What about mailers, postcards, or brochures?

Still unsure about repurposing your newsletters?

Consider some of the benefits:

  • It enables you to reach new audiences. Something you published via email won’t reach the exact same people if you publish it via video on social media. Not everyone who follows you on social media is subscribed to your email and vice versa. By repurposing your newsletters for video, you’re making sure everyone in your audience has the opportunity to see it.

  • It allows you to maximize outcomes. In addition to maximizing the content you can produce, repurposing content also allows you to maximize outcomes. For example, if you had an email newsletter that outperformed, odds are that a repurposed video will also outperform. On the other hand, if you had content that underperformed, you can make improvements and tweak it for video, giving yourself the chance to redeem less successful content.

  • It allows you to increase your online presence. The more content you have online, the larger your online presence will be. Video content also helps with SEO, since people spend more time on your website or social media page. “Time Spent on Site” is one of the key factors in a website’s SEO rankings.

  • It provides more opportunities for referrals. If someone on your email list likes your newsletter, they can forward it to people, but they can only forward it to people in their contact list. On the other hand, if someone likes your video on social media, they can share it with all of their friends with just a click, then their friends can share it, and their friends, etc. The opportunity for referrals increases exponentially.

  • It strengthens your messaging. In old school marketing, they had a philosophy called the “Rule of 7.” This rule suggested that consumers had to hear a message 7 times before being moved to take action. If anyone happens to be subscribed to your newsletter and also follow you on social media, your message will be reinforced. In fact, they might not even realize you’ve repurposed the content.

The hard work has already been done. You already took the effort and time to curate a meaningful newsletter for your audience.

With Rolla, you have the opportunity to grow that audience while also reinforcing your key message.

Since the script is done, it’s as easy as sitting down with your smartphone and recording yourself talking about it. It might not even take a full 10 minutes, but the benefits are exponential.

Why not try today?


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