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You’re wasting money on direct marketing mailers. We’ve figured out how much.

What if we told you that your marketing mailer investment is a waste of money? Direct marketing has been a fan favorite of real estate agents from the dawn of time. For every listing, real estate agents are taught to send out “just listed” marketing mailers and door knockers. Many real estate offices have automated this feature so real estate agents never truly know how much their spending on marketing mailers until they see their bill at the end of the month. We created a product that is guaranteed to reach more people than marketing mailers for less money. Did you know that video is 6 times more effective than direct marketing mailers?

Let's break it down.

The cost of marketing mailers:

The cost varies from office to office and region to region but on average, real estate offices charge .20 per door knocker and .51 per marketing mailer.

The average, top producing, real estate agent has 15 to 25 listings per year.

Agents who are listing 15 homes per year are spending:

  • $300/year on door knockers for 100 door knockers per listing

  • $1,912.50/year on listing marketing mailers for 250 marketing mailers per listing.

Agents who are listing 25 homes per year are spending:

  • $500/year on door knocks for 100 door knockers per listing

  • $3,187.50/year on listing marketing mailers for 250 marketing mailers per listing.

That doesn’t sound too bad but the real issue is: 1) the number of people you are reaching, and 2) the amount of money you are wasting per listing.

If you’ve been in the realtor game for a little while, it's not uncommon to see your office mailbox fill up with returned marketing mailers. It’s possible that half of your marketing mailers could be returned due to insufficient addresses or return to senders. That means that you’re losing $956.25 per 15 listings or $1,593.75 per 25 listings on marketing mailers. That’s a lot of money!

Further, if every address is correct then you’re only reaching 250 people per listing. If half are returned, your marketing mailers are only reaching 125 people and a percentage of those 125 people are throwing your marketing mailer directly in the trash without looking at it.

We have created a video subscription service that helps you market your listing and is guaranteed to reach thousands of people for a low monthly cost. Why would you continue to waste money on marketing mailers if you’re hardly reaching 100+ people?

The cost of Rolla video

Our members have access to three subscription options to help market their listing via video.

Our membership options are:

  • $200/month for 1 video with access to three video templates.

  • $450/month for 3 videos with access to six video templates.

  • $650/month for 5 videos with access to six video templates.

Let's break it down a little further, that’s:

  • $1,980/year for 12 videos

  • $4,320/year for 36 videos

  • $6,240/year for 60 videos

As you can see, the most basic package saves you over $1000 in total marketing costs per year if you’re listing 25 homes a year. You may be asking yourself, is it worth it for me if I’m only listing 15 listings per year? It seems like it’s more expensive?

Absolutely, the thing is that with video you are guaranteed to reach thousands of people versus reaching, potentially, 100+ with marketing mailers. If you sent out 1,000 listing marketing mailers, you’re spending $510 per listing with half being returned.

That's $6,120 / year on marketing mailers alone, with a waste cost of $3,060/ year. You could make 36 videos a year for $4,320 with zero waste cost and the potential to reach thousands. Who wouldn't do that?!

Video allows you to reach more people for over half the cost of sending marketing mailers. When you post a video to social media, you are unlocking 24/7 customer interaction and a huge reach compared to that of marketing mailers. The more people watch, share, and interact with your video the more potential customers will see your video.

You could reach thousands of people for one low monthly price. Why throw money away on marketing mailers that potentially only reach 100-200 people, when you could reach thousands in your city and around the world. On facebook alone, 500 million people are watching video every day.

With video you can guarantee that people are seeing your listing AND you aren’t wasting any money on returned mailers.

The cost of creating a listing video only goes down as the number of homes you list goes up, whereas the waste cost of marketing mailers only goes up as the number of homes you list increases.

Numbers don’t lie and neither do statistics: real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video?

Start maximizing your marketing dollars and increase the number of homes you list per year, become a Rolla member today.


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