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7 ways to use teamwork to enhance your real estate marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be a one person job. There’s a reason the most successful marketing campaigns in the world have teams of visionaries working behind a single project.

At Rolla, we know that real estate agents are more efficient when they work together.

This is why we created our products and dashboard with collaborative features.

Our dashboard allows you to schedule video shoots, keep notes and feedback organized, and speed up the review process. This results in more marketing materials that attract qualified leads.

So how can your team work together to make the most out of Rolla?

  1. Brainstorm video ideas. Everyone in your brokerage has a unique perspective. Whether you’re planning out Market Updates, Topic Videos, or Neighborhood Guides, different agents will have different inputs on what they think people need to know. In fact, you can even have agents share their different perspectives on the same topic. For example, let’s say your team wants to create a Topic Video on “Condos vs. Co-Ops.” If two agents have differing viewpoints, this could be an excellent opportunity to create two different Topic Videos, one for each agent, so that audiences have more information to make the best decision for them.

  2. Plan ahead. Rolla’s dashboard allows you to schedule future video shoots. While this allows you to plan topics for your content calendar, it also allows you to share responsibilities. If you know that a teammate is going to be in a particular neighborhood later this week, for instance, you can have them capture footage for your next Neighborhood Guide. By knowing what videos are upcoming on the schedule, you can also plan to help each other capture video, which results in better quality content and maximized output.

  3. Bring perspective from ALL areas of the brokerage. During the review process, it’s worth getting input from everyone on your team, including people who might not be an agent. For example, your brokerage might have someone dedicated full-time to marketing or social media. Their perspective and feedback on video edits is going to be different than what an agent might say.

  4. Define individual and team goals. In order to maximize output and share responsibilities with Rolla, it’s important that everyone knows what their individual responsibilities are. To do this, outline goals for each individual and for the team as a whole. Perhaps the goal is to have all Agent Bios completed by the end of the month. That’s the team goal. An individual goal would be to set a deadline for each individual agent to have their Agent Bio footage recorded and submitted. Once everyone knows what role they are playing, you can become a video content machine in no time!

  5. Celebrate milestones together. Did your brokerage just finish its first marketing video? Has your latest social media video just surpassed 1,000 views for the first time? Did you just get your 10th lead from your video marketing campaign? Whatever the milestone, be sure to celebrate these victories. This keeps team morale high while also keeping the momentum going. Celebrating these milestones also acknowledges the teamwork, collaboration, and creativity of everyone involved.

  6. Focus on strengths. Everyone on your team has different strengths. For example, one agent might have in-depth knowledge about a particular neighborhood. They would be the perfect candidate to lead the Neighborhood Update video for that district. Does another agent have extensive experience with foreclosures? Then tap them to create a Topic Video on that issue. This helps play to your team’s strengths while also ensuring that your audience hears from the most qualified person.

  7. Examine and review. Even if your team is extremely efficient, there is always room for improvement! After you’ve been working with Rolla for a while, begin examining and reviewing your workflows, processes, and results. Where are the opportunities for even more success? How can you better serve your clients? Is there another video topic that can help showcase your expertise, knowledge, helpfulness, and experience?

Rolla is a powerful tool that can help you take your video marketing efforts to the next level, and working together as a team will only accelerate those results.

Together, you can maximize output, share responsibilities, and cover more ground. The end result? More qualified leads that result in more sales and listings.

Want more tips and ideas to get the most out of Rolla? Then be sure to check out our blog!


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