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Win listings every time with Rolla’s subscription video service

Are you constantly losing out to other brokers? We know why. Let’s face it, right now the market is oversaturated. There are too many realtors and not enough houses. You need to come up with a way to make your listing presentation stand out. Lately, has it seemed like your listing presentation is falling flat? Most brokers are using old methods to market listings like “new listing mailers” and door knockers.

The most important part of your listing presentation, next to the CMA, is explaining to potential sellers how you’re going to market their house and get it sold.

Sellers are tired of hearing about the mailing list you can get from the title company and the 50 free “just listed” postcards that your office pays for. Sellers want an agent whose marketing strategy aligns with the times, and that strategy is video. 73% of sellers are more likely to list with an agent that uses video!

What if we told you that we had a way to win the listing every time and it’s backed by data?

Our Rolla subscription video service will help you win listings every time. Sellers want an agent that uses current marketing tools, and “just listed” mailers are a thing of the past. Get this: 99% of millennials, 90% of boomers, and 70% of the silent generation are searching for a home online.

In fact, marketing mailers didn’t even break NAR’s top 5 ways buyers are looking for a house. A seller is going to choose an agent that knows where buyers are looking and is tapped into buyer trends. Sellers won’t choose an agent who isn’t using video and sends marketing mailers out to an unspecified number of people?

Benefits of video over traditional marketing mailers

To win listings, agents need to incorporate video in their presentations and show potential sellers how important video is to the home sale process. With video, you can offer potential sellers:

  • Statistics and analytics: you can offer sellers data about how many people have “virtually toured” their home.

  • Instant feedback from potential buyers: communicate to sellers what potential buyers like and don’t like about the home.

  • A guarantee that people will see their listing: who knows how many people are actually looking at mailed marketing mailers instead of throwing them away!

  • Maximized marketing budget: no wasted money on returned marketing mailers.

  • Showings” while you sleep: when you upload a listing video to your socials, potential buyers can view it any time of the day or night.

Win listings with Rolla’s video subscription service

As a subscriber you have access to:

  • A dedicated producer

  • 48-hour turnaround time

  • Personalized branding

  • MLS and social media ready videos

  • Video templates that take the thinking out of content creation

Creating video is easy with our video subscription service

You will have access to three video templates to take your listing presentation to the next level. Our three templates include:

  • Market Update Videos

  • Topic Videos

  • Listing Videos

Incorporating all three templates into your listing presentation will help you stand apart from other real estate agents and win more listings.

Use our Market Update and Topic video templates as a precursor to your listing presentation so potential sellers will get a feel for your personality and experience before the presentation.

Feature the listing video template in your listing presentation to show potential sellers that you are on top of the new marketing trends and know how to get their house sold, fast.

Using video in your listing presentation will signal to potential sellers that you are the skilled and experienced real estate agent they need. Not only that, but potential sellers can share the listing video with their own network and expand your reach and their home’s reach even further. It’s not only marketing for their home, but it’s marketing for you too! Subscribe today, and win listings tomorrow.


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