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Create 6 weeks of video content in two hours, here’s how

Are you familiar with the popular saying, “nothing great ever comes easy?” At Rolla, we believe the opposite and so do our members. Our video subscription product helps our members create quality video content for their marketing and social media, with ease.

Lets face it, as a real estate agent, your days and weeks can vary widely. You may not be in the office long enough to create video content for the week. That’s why you need a tool that helps you create a backlog of video content to quickly post to your socials while on the go.

With Rolla, you can create months worth of content in one day! That’s right, read it again: months worth of content in one day. You can store all that video content and post it on your way to meetings, at a showing, or even on vacation. You’ll never fall behind on your content schedule with Rolla.

Not only will your marketing efforts match your busy life, you can generate leads in your sleep with the help of Rolla. What real estate agent doesn’t want an inbox full of quality leads for as little as 20 minutes of work per video? Every real estate agent wants that! What are you waiting for?

You can easily create 36+ pieces of video content with the help of Rolla

You may be wondering what significance “36 pieces of content” holds. Well, our members can choose from the following membership options:

  • $200/month for 1 video with access to three video products.

  • $450/month for 3 videos with access to six video products.

  • $650/month for 5 videos with access to six video products.

Our middle tier membership option (and the most popular) equates to 36 pieces of content per year. The main feedback we hear from real estate agents on the fence is that there is no way they can create 36 pieces of content. They are too busy to create content, don’t know how, or don’t have a set schedule that allows them to create content every week.

We’ve solved the self-doubt around content creation with the introduction of new products. Not only do our products take the thinking out of content creation, they also help you create an arsenal of video content that you can use for months at a time.

Products on Products

Our members have access to multiple products to assist them in creating video content. As a member you will have access to:

  • Market update products

  • Listing video products

  • Topic video products

Each of these products will help you create a quality video product in under 20 minutes. That’s the magic of Rolla. All you have to do is fill out the product form to set up your shots and hit record. You don’t have to spend time trying out different camera shots or storyboarding your content.

When you follow the product you can crank out video after video, after video. products make creating 36 pieces of content attainable.

Because you can create a quality video in under 20 minutes with products, you could feasibly crank out 6 videos in a day. That means you’re only spending 2 hours a week creating video content. You’ll have created up to six weeks of video in 2 hours.

If you follow this track, you’ll easily hit 36 videos in six weeks. Why would you use other content creation companies when you can use Rolla to easily automate your social media content. Not to mention, our members save more money when they use Rolla over other traditional real estate marketing methods. Here’s a preview: The cost of creating a listing video only goes down as the number of homes you list goes up. Why create content every day or week when you can create six weeks worth of content in two hours with Rolla?

Try out a free demo today and discover the magic of Rolla.


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